About us


Santechniniai Darbai, UAB was found in 1995. On 22 October 2015, the company changed its name to SD Ranga, UAB.

Since its inception, the company has been mainly engaged in various types of plumbing work, which is indicated by its name. Currently, the company specialises in the installation and repair of the engineering systems of building structures (water supply, wastewater, HVAC, gas pipeline installation, heat and steam, heating units and border stations, pressurised vessels), including the design and operation of HVAC.

The company has good production facilities and an excellent staff qualified for the installation and repair of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, water supply and wastewater systems in private houses, apartment blocks and public buildings – hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, banks, plants and other facilities all over Lithuania. The company also has a heating automation installation division that specialises in boiler unit operation. The work is carried out according to the normative and process documentation applied in the Republic of Lithuania.

The company started its operation with 5 employees and currently has 94 staff members, including 32 administration and engineering-technical specialists, and 62 workers.

Changes of the scope of construction and installation work (million EUR, ex. VAT)

2012 m. 2013 m. 2014 m. 2015 m. 2016 m. 2017 m. 2018 m. 2019 m.
3,91 4,46 4,5 7,4 6,1 5,1 4,9 6,9

Changes in the number of staff 

2012 m. 2013 m. 2014 m. 2015 m. 2016 m. 2017 m. 2018 m. 2019 m.
83 93 98 98 98 85 88 93

Our foreign partners continuously provide us with information about the latest technologies, details and equipment, and organise training. The company's employees go to courses and various training activities in Lithuania and abroad. We organise frequent training in our industrial facilities to familiarise our employees with innovations in water supply, wastewater and HVAC. SD Ranga, UAB is a partner of the German company, Viessmann.

Our main suppliers include: Krasas, UAB; Adma, UAB; Amalva, UAB; Systemair, UAB; Lindab, UAB; and Tenko Baltic, UAB.

The company's activities are covered by construction and installation business insurance against all risks.

The company has implemented a quality and environmental management system and all processes are managed according to LST EN ISO 9001:2015 and LST EN ISO 14001:2015 standard requirements. In November 2004, the auditors of TUV Uolektis, UAB performed a final certification audit and awarded our company a TUV CERT certificate to verify compliance to standards and to confirm that we operate a quality environmental management system. In November 2007, SD Ranga, UAB was certified for the second time.


- ISO 9001-2015 LST EN ISO 9001:2015,
- ISO 14001-2015 LST EN ISO 14001:2015
- ISO 45001:2018 LST EN ISO 45001:2018

In having implemented this system, the company can guarantee to provide high quality products to its customers.

The company aims to perform the work ordered by customers at the lowest cost and on time. This has been confirmed by letters of acknowledgement and positive feedback from our customers.